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The Ultimate Prank

Want to embarrass a friend, work colleague or even someone you hate?

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New Christmas Card Prank Coming November

Due to the success of our Sniff Panties prank, we are launching a new, even funnier prank and website for Christmas in the form of a Christmas card and gift. Launching November.

The Ultimate Prank

Hilarious postage label

First impressions are everything! To make this prank highly effective, we've designed an awesome label which we think anyone would believe has come from a real used pantie company!

Pantie lace hanging out

Authenticity is everything! Every package comes with a bit of pantie lace hanging out of the back for maximum effectiveness! Guaranteed to mortify your intended victim!

Fancy double-sided card included

Once your victim(s) have opened the hilarious package, the penny will finally drop and they will realised they've been pranked by reading the laminated double-sided card... from anon of course.

some hilarious feedback from some of our customers

My postman gave me the weirdest look. Had to convince him it was a prank the next day!


Played this trick on my husband and he was so embarrassed. Haha!


A work colleague handed this to me and the whole office thought I was a perv lol



This prank is for novelty purposes only. It is not for the use of bullying, harassment or any other form of intimidation to its intended victim(s) Any such acts will NOT be tolerated.